We’re savvy brand builders & story tellers.

We create retail experiences shoppers can’t get enough of.

We look contextually at the big picture.

We’re not just in it to meet the standard. We’re intent on stepping up to EXCEED, creating inspiring spaces where the merchandise screams ‘you can’t live without me’.

Design Design believe in the digital experience. We also believe that face-to-face interaction provides the greatest opportunity for a remarkable customer experience. While technology is where brands can show off and get into consumers’ hearts, our retail spaces will ensure your brand feels the love. We partner functional elements such as great lighting and flexible displays with hidden impact and drama to arouse the senses.

Experiential retail encounters are what makes today’s shoppers tick. We know how to create dynamic, vibrant spaces that create brand loyalty and talking points.



The Zing Pop Culture brand was born out of the need for the EB Games brand to take advantage of the booming TV and movie memorabilia market. With the need to appeal to a new customer demographic it was decided with the client that a more dynamic and punchy design was required. A higher percentage of females and non-gamers was expected. Another key design feature was the use of dark colours to properly frame the amazing products as they are the star. This dark was balanced in each space with the vibrant green of the brand. With our design and amazing retail smarts of EB Games the concept went on to recognized internationally. There are now Zing stores in Australia, New Zealand, USA (under the ThinkGeek brand), Canada, and Ireland.