Your brand has been carefully created, moulded and nurtured over many years. We understand this and will work to be guardians of your brand design. Consistency in design strengthens your brand.

Experienced in every facet of the retail industry, we appreciate the need for intelligent, quick-thinking, creative solutions. We know there’s no time to be precious, so we’ll dive in and get busy to hit those targets.

Our highly experienced Logistics & Project Management teams can take on any size fit-out anywhere in the world. With established management tools, communications, & systems, you can take advantage of our global reach to deliver on time & on budget.


EB Games is a brand that has expanded quickly. One of the keys to expanding quickly is to limit your capital expenditure during rapid expansion. Together with our sister company Project Duo we were able to provide a highly functional, modular retail system that is pre-made and can be delivered anywhere in Australia or the world. Project Duo provided the manufacturing and logistic know how and we worked this seamlessly to the retail space.

You can learn more about Project Duo and the modular display system by clicking on the logo adjacent.