"Lifestyle Centre"​... Just another word for shopping centre?

The International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) defines a Lifestyle Centre as a “specialised centre” that has “upscale national-chain specialty stores with dining and entertainment in an outdoor setting”. A quick glance around your major city shopping centres, and you'll quickly note this is an apt definition.

We live in a technology rich society where online shopping is easier than ever before, and will only continue to expand. But humans will always crave community, something that online shopping simply cannot replicate. It’s no shock to retail developers, retailers and designers, that good retail design is the key to attracting consumers to physical stores. When you consider that we all visit shopping centres potentially multiple times a week, these spaces have the privileged opportunity to make a lasting impression on us. These spaces serve not only a business agenda, they influence a vital community service as people meet, work, eat and create shared experiences there, becoming Lifestyle Centres. In this context, Retail Design is fundamental to the development of the community we so desperately crave.

If you want to ensure your business prospers in this new reality of shopping centres, you need to work with a retail design solutions company that sees the retail stores as a whole, encompassing the business and community, not only as a physical space.

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