Design For Good

Committed to creating design solutions that make others’ lives better. Design for Good exists to give back to our community through great design and through leveraging the resources we have within us all.

As a team, Huntington Global Group is committed to working with Integrity, Bold Spirit and Making things happen.

The 2017 project was committed to provide our design skills to assist a charity organisation develop a space in Denver USA to assist the homeless in adding skills that would assist them to escape from poverty. It was an intense 12hr session with teams in both Denver and Brisbane working together to design the spaces needed to bring the dream to life.

“Your space matters…when people walk in, you don’t want to look like the problem, you want to look like the solution.”

— Jason Janz, CrossPurpose CEO


Integrity • Spirit • Action » To Exceed


Our Company Culture + Intent is the foundation of our business, and unites us as a team.

It is the set of shared values, beliefs and practices that governs our decision making, our interactions with our clients + each other and empowers us to propel the business into the future.

Our goal is to be the best, making a profit will come as a result. We are a design + solutions based firm. Increasing retail sales through better retail design and activating globally. The life blood of our work comes from continually questioning the norm and pushing the boundaries of conventional retail.

As a company we approach all opportunities and challenges with integrity, spirit and action. These are the cornerstones from which we operate and keep us anchored to our purpose.